Being Open with a Technician

When we have a health problem, we usually go see a doctor. To help them better understand the issue, we divulge all the symptoms and complications that are affecting us. The doctor, with their years of experience, will take the information given to them, sort out what is relevant, and set about curing our problem. The same principle applies to automotive technicians and service advisors. To solve any issue with a vehicle, they need to know all the symptoms associated with the problem. At MJ Brothers Auto and Truck Repair, we know the importance of good communication with our customers. Understanding the problem is half the battle when repairing a vehicle. The more information we have, the quicker we can repair your vehicle and get you back on the road. Below, we like to share with you tips about how to best convey your vehicle’s problem to the technician.

Speaking With The Service Advisor 

Your first point of contact with a repair shop is the service advisor. The first question you’ll get out of the gate is, “What seems to be the problem with your vehicle?” If you answer along the lines of, “my brake light is on” or “the check engine light is illuminated”, that doesn’t give the service advisor and technician a real picture of what’s going on. While mentioning the light is good, the reason behind it may vary. The service advisor will ask for more detail, because it will help the technician know where to look for the problem. There are some people that believe the less information they give, they’re repair bill will not be as high. That’s not really the case. The more detail you give to the service advisor, the better off you will be in the long run.

How You Can Contribute

The best thing you can do as a customer is being alert when something is not quite right with your vehicle. If you feel any vibrations or strange noises in your vehicle, make a note of them. Also make note of the time and frequency of the disruption. This gives the technician a template to replicate the problem while testing. Do not be discouraged if you’re not very familiar with cars. Any information you have for us will help us pinpoint your problem. Another thing we recommend is writing notes of your vehicle’s possible issues. There are times where you may not remember the exact symptom, so it’s always good to write and keep a record of it.

Our shop knows the stress that can come from having a vehicle in a repair. Being open with the technician and the service advisor will get your vehicle repaired faster and more efficient. Communication is paramount in this business, and we want you to feel a part of the process. If you have any questions about what to look out for, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (919)-823-7706. We’re located at 1408 Wilders Grove Lane in Raleigh, NC. We have proudly served the area for the past decade, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Written by MJ Brothers Auto and Truck Repair

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