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Maintenance Is Key

Here at MJ Brothers Auto & Truck Repair, our main goal is to keep you as many steps ahead of repairs and breakdowns as possible. No one enjoys being stuck on the side of the road when your truck was meant to be devouring the open road in the first place. We constantly invest in the updating and upkeep of our state-of-the-art facility so that we can keep you on the road and out of our shop. Buying a truck is no joke, especially with the hefty price tag. So, our specialized team of ASE-certified experts wants to ensure that you are always getting the biggest return on your investment. Whether your diesel is struggling with the engine, mechanical or electrical problems, or you need an oil change or tune-up, we’ve got you covered. So, give us a call today at 919-521-5101 to speak with someone on our staff about crafting a service plan tailored specifically to your truck. From filter changes to engine diagnostics and even regular maintenance inspections, we will make sure your truck is ready to make memories as safely and promptly as possible.

Accurate Diagnostics Without Dealership Prices

Quotes for vehicle repairs sometimes come with the hazard of eyes popping out of heads. Repairs on American-made trucks can get expensive quickly. That is why you always want second, or even third, opinions. So, bring your Ford, Duramax, Ram, or GM truck to see us! We can guarantee an accurate diagnostic service that shows you exactly what’s wrong, exactly what needs repairing. We can back all of it up with warranties that keep you covered even after you drive away from our auto repair shop. We utilize the latest technologies to ensure a swift, reliable fix while ensuring the comfort of your wallet doesn’t come into question. Not only do our certified experts have your truck covered from bumper to bumper, but they are trained to tackle every service repair from air conditioning systems to transmissions services and back again. Whether it’s a brake system replacement, steering or suspension repairs, or an exhaust issue, bring all your truck repairs for the best services in town. Stop in and see us at 1060 Corporation Parkway, Raleigh, NC 27610 to see for yourself why Raleigh, NC, has put us at the top of their American-made truck repair and maintenance list!

Don’t Like Calling Or Walking In? Schedule Online Now!

Vehicle repairs and maintenance can come with a great deal of stress. Whether the work you are doing is preventative or something big has gone wrong, we here at MJ Brothers Auto & Truck Repair understand the anxiety that comes with these situations. Sometimes, that prevents people from feeling comfortable enough to walk in and talk with a stranger. It can even give someone the nervous jitters when placing a phone call! So, if your truck requires a tune-up or repair, don’t hesitate to reach out via our online scheduling system. Our friendly and professional staff are standing by, waiting to assist you in any possible way. So, whether you prefer calling us at 919-521-5101 or coming in to see us at 1060 Corporation Parkway, Raleigh, NC 27610. You can save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Come in and see why Wake County trusts us with all of their American-made truck repair and maintenance needs!