Sprinter Repair in Raleigh, NC

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Preventative Maintenance Services

MJ Brothers Auto & Truck Repair in Raleigh, NC is your local Sprinter repair specialist. Some owners have purchased their Sprinter for business, and others for pleasure. Either way, it’s important to keep our team on standby to make sure your road travel is never interrupted or compromised. The top priority for your Sprinter Van is safety, and our technicians provide top-notch maintenance inspections and engine diagnostics that ensure everyone stays protected. With our Sprinter service experience, advanced equipment, and training we’re the best alternative to the expensive dealers.

Our team works on all model Sprinters from 2002 – 2017, including Dodge-Freightliners and Mercedes-Benz models. We understand that your Sprinter has better places to be than our repair shop. We’ll help you get there safely and on time. As with all of our auto services, your Sprinter repairs will be performed quickly and accurately. The sooner you bring your Sprinter to our specialists, the sooner we’ll have you back to safe and confident road travel. Preventative maintenance service plans designed for your Sprinter are the secret to its quality performance.

Guaranteed Sprinter Service–24 Months / 24,000 Miles Warranty

We want to make sure our Sprinter-driving customers avoid any costly repairs or breakdowns. Come to us first, and we’ll immediately put your Sprinter on a path to peak performance! Some of our preventative maintenance services include clean and consistent oil changes, fuel filter changes, tire rotations, fluid services, fuel cetane additive, check engine light diagnostics, and more. Just by letting us keep our eyes and hands on your Sprinter, you will enhance its overall performance, improve its efficiency, and extend its road-life.

Pay attention to your Sprinter’s early warning signs–check engine, brakes warning lights, limp mode, transmission slipping, etc.–and bring it to our specialists as soon as possible. Avoid doing any expensive and totally avoidable damages to your Sprinter systems. Being proactive is the best way to handle any of your Sprinter’s performance issues. Our transmission services can range from complete replacement services to routine transmission fluid exchange. Efficient service updates will keep your Sprinter in optimal condition.

Schedule Your Sprinter Repair With Us!

Whatever your Sprinter needs may be, we’re the right choice! We care about you and your Sprinter Van, and we’ll warranty any repairs we make on it–24 Months / 24,000 Miles Warranty. Spend more time behind the wheel of your fully-operational Sprinter Van, and less time on the side of the road or in anyone’s service bay. Let us show you how! Give us a call today at 919-521-5101 to schedule your next Sprinter Van repair or maintenance appointment. Save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system.