Types of Motor Oil to Know

In this day in age, it’s easy to get confused with the plethora of motor oil options. Visit any automotive store, and immediately, you’re enveloped with all kinds of oils with specific functions. These include oils for; high-end engines, SUVs, trucks, foreign vehicles, new vehicles, and even sports cars. All these options can be very overwhelming. Thankfully, we at MJ Brothers Auto and Truck Repair know the right oil for you. Since 2010, we have proudly served the Raleigh area with our ASE-certified staff taking care of all your vehicle’s needs. In truth, there are four distinct types of oil that go into vehicles. These oils are optimized to give their respective vehicles the best performance and efficiency. To better explain, we’ll share how each of these oils work, and the types of vehicles they work best for.

Conventional Oil

The most basic and no nonsense type of oil. Conventional oil is used in many later and light-duty vehicles with low mileage and a simple engine layout. While its not the most sophisticated oil, it does the job of providing protection in various weather conditions. It also comes in various weights and viscosities, depending on manufacturer guidelines. If your vehicle contains this oil, we recommend you get it changed around every 4,000 miles.

Full-Synthetic Oil

At the other end of the spectrum is full-synthetic oil. This type of oil is made for complex and hard-working engines. Unlike conventional oil, full synthetic works in a variety of different environments while maintaining the best performance. The upshot is whether you’re driving in the cold of winter or the heat of summer, your vehicle will not suffer a lapse in engine performance. Another thing to keep in mind; while this is high-performance, it’s far more expensive. Please consult your vehicle’s manual before thinking about purchasing full-synthetic oil. 

Synthetic Blend

In between both sides of the spectrum is Synthetic Blend oil. Like its name, it’s a combination of both synthetic and conventional oil that provides better protection under higher levels of engine stress. They’re found to be very popular to those who haul heavy loads. Because of its synthetic properties, it gives you better fuel mileage and less oil burn off. Synthetic blends will also be much easier on your wallet, costing a little more than the highest quality conventional oils.

High-Mileage Oil

If you have a vehicle with over 75,000 miles, the time may come where your engine’s seals will begin to fatigue and crack. As a result, oil will start seeping out and onto the ground. High-mile oils are designed to specifically restore your engine seals and slow down the wear process. You can’t stop your engine from wearing, but with high-mileage oil, you’ll be able to save your engine from excessive wear. Plus, drive your vehicle well into the 100,000 mile range.

Choosing the right oil for your vehicle’s oil change will give confidence in knowing you’re doing right by your vehicle and save you big in the long run. If you have any questions about engine oil, and what will work best for your vehicle, please give us a call at (919)-823-6036. We’re located at 1408 Wilders Grove Lane in Raleigh, NC. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Written by MJ Brothers Auto and Truck Repair

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