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The most important safety component on your vehicle is the braking system. No matter strong the engine is performing, no vehicle is road-ready without an effective braking system. Vehicle owners should pay close attention to their brakes’ performance to know when a brake repair is needed. Many of these warning signs will be audible. That high-pitched squeal you hear when you press the brake pedal is your vehicle “telling” you need a brake repair sooner than later.

Your brake pads are designed to make this squealing noise when they’ve worn too low. Come to MJ Brothers Auto & Truck Repair in Raleigh, NC for a quick but thorough brake check service to find out exactly what your vehicle needs. We’re not interested in performing unnecessary brake repairs, nor are we interested in letting you drive around with dangerous systems. After our brake check, our experts will let you know if you need a brake repair immediately or if it can until your next visit to our shop.

Brake Pad & Brake Rotor Replacements

Sometimes, it may be difficult for drivers to hear the early warning signs. The car stereo may be too loud or the windows may be rolled up. It’s a good idea to occasionally drive with the windows down so you can hear the true condition of your brakes. The high-pitched squeal eventually turns into a scraping sound (like sandpaper), and then a metal-on-metal grinding noise. In these cases, the owner has continued to drive until the brake pads are completely worn through. This will affect the brake rotors, and they will need to be replaced in addition to the brake pads.

Our goal is to keep you safe on the road and to save you money on avoidable brake repairs. Let us have a look at the braking system as soon as you notice any issues – squishy brake pedal, hard brake pedals, vibrating brake pedals, etc. Pretty much anything out of the ordinary dealing with your brakes should be checked out as soon as possible. MJ Brothers Auto & Truck Repair provides convenient brake check services that let you know immediately if you need a brake repair.

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Keeping your vehicle in optimal condition starts with ensuring an effective braking system. Our team is skilled at performing any brake repair or part replacing any parts that you need. We handle maintenance and repairs for all braking system components, including brake calipers, drum brakes, brake lines, brake shoes, wheel cylinders and more. Give us a call today at 919-521-5101 to schedule your next brake check or brake repair appointment. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now!